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Why should I buy?

Try it for FREE! War Pigeons is a great game with tons of content even without a single coin spent. And if you like it, simply upgrade to the full version by purchasing one cheap Unlock All package.

And what about the War Pigeons Unbounded?

With this version you'll get all the features already unlocked. Together with the future updates and expansions for FREE!

Will I have to buy anything else?

No. There is no purchasable ingame money or any other paid cheats. The Unlock All will give you everything you can get for the lowest possible price. In the future, we might release a paid expansion, and that would be certainly big enough to be worth getting hold of. And if you get the Unbounded version, you don't have to worry about this either.

Okay. What's the game about?

Well, read the About section, check the screenshots, and watch the trailer.

Why are the pigeons so dangerous?

After many years of genetical engineering experiments, their bodies contain extremely enhanced levels of nitroglycerin. When they impact on something, the bastards usually explode. The exact magnitude of the blast depends on the species of the mutant. If it doesn't explode in the air after the first shot, a second one will probably do the trick. Or you can just dodge. But mind you, their eggs are equally dangerous.

What about the first aid, ammo, and power-ups?

You'll find a lot of supplies in the crates. Some on the ground, others dropped from a plane. And careful: They are fragile! Don't shoot them to pieces.

The first aid and other power-ups, such as the armor, are applied at the moment you grab the crate. Ammo is added to your magazine, but the maximal amount for each weapon is limited. So, sometimes it's smarter to pick up the supplies a bit later.

How do I score all the stars in a level?

First of all, to earn three stars, you must play on the Hard difficulty. The Easy mode is limited to one star only, and the Normal game allows the player to obtain two. Also, try to kill as many pigeons as possible, avoid shooting the supply crates, and don't forget to collect them. The exact condition to earn the stars is always stated at the bottom of the level's info-page.


  • Don't stay still. Actively hunt the vermin down before they overpopulate.
  • Use a less powerful weapon whenever possible. It's a criminal waste to shoot a single pigeon with a plasma cannon.
  • Grab the first aid and other supplies only when needed. If you're already in good health or you have more ammo than can be carried, try to save the crates for later.
  • Automatic gun switching is not the only option. Doubletap a weapon to allow changing only when all the weapon's ammo is gone. Your selection won't ever be altered during aiming. Alternatively, the manual mode can be toggled in the settings.
  • Save the assault rifle ammo. You can stop shooting by touching the guy during the burst.
  • Changed your mind while aiming? Simply switch the selected weapon with a second finger or drag the aiming cross back to the guy and release it without any shooting.

Questions or Problems?

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